Waterpark College Notes, Week Ending May 4th, 2014.

Waterpark College clinch GUI All-Ireland Golf Championship in Nenagh, Co. Tipperary - See News and slideshow (below) for photos!


Fado Viking Settlement   -  Three of Waterpark College Students - 1st Years Aimee Browne and Danielle Varley and 3rd year strudent Adam Green - participated in the production animating waterfords Viking history during the month of December. 1st year student Meg Breslin (Not filmed)also participated. The learned and demonstrated new skills in traditional crafts, interacted with the audience, imparted historical information and they embraced their roles as Vikings admirably. 

Congratulations to all involved . Below is the link to view this short film. 


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Entrance Lobby

Entrance Lobby

A Proud Tradition Moving Forward - The Principal's Welcome

Waterpark College warmly welcomes you and your son/daughter to a school with a pride in its history and tradition, and a clear mission and purpose for its future.

Founded as the first classical school in Waterford in 1892 and following one hundred and twenty years of service, Waterpark opened a new chapter in September 2012 with a change in status to co-educational.

This most progressive of developments has fitted perfectly with our tradition of academic excellence tempered by the comfort of a caring school community. Inspired by the vision of Edmund Rice, it is our commitment to ensure that Waterpark College will continue to grow in the spirit of a Christian community dedicated to caring, excellence and nurturing the talents of our students.

As a Co-educational Voluntary Secondary School under the trusteeship of the Edmund Rice Schools Trust, Waterpark College is ideally positioned to offer its educational philosophy and service in a modern setting attained to current demand and best practice. Whilst doing so, it will continue to ensure that the school is a place of hope, happiness, courage and honest endeavour, where everyone is valued and respected, and where our mission is translated in a co-educational context that is transformational and enlightening.

Thomas A. Beecher


Thomas A. Beecher, Principal

Thomas A. Beecher, Principal



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Principal: Thomas A. Beecher

Deputy Principal: Dominic Carberry


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