Waterpark College Notes, Week Ending October 11th, 2015.


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Entrance Lobby

Entrance Lobby

A Proud Tradition Moving Forward - The Principal's Welcome

Waterpark College warmly welcomes you and your son/daughter to a school with a pride in its history and tradition, and a clear mission and purpose for its future.

Founded as the first classical school in Waterford in 1892 and following one hundred and twenty years of service, Waterpark opened a new chapter in September 2012 with a change in status to co-educational.

This most progressive of developments has fitted perfectly with our tradition of academic excellence tempered by the comfort of a caring school community. Inspired by the vision of Edmund Rice, it is our commitment to ensure that Waterpark College will continue to grow in the spirit of a Christian community dedicated to caring, excellence and nurturing the talents of our students.

As a Co-educational Voluntary Secondary School under the trusteeship of the Edmund Rice Schools Trust, Waterpark College is ideally positioned to offer its educational philosophy and service in a modern setting attained to current demand and best practice. Whilst doing so, it will continue to ensure that the school is a place of hope, happiness, courage and honest endeavour, where everyone is valued and respected, and where our mission is translated in a co-educational context that is transformational and enlightening.

Thomas A. Beecher


Thomas A. Beecher, Principal

Thomas A. Beecher, Principal



Contact Details


Principal: Thomas A. Beecher

Deputy Principal: Joe Hagan


Waterpark College, 

Park Road, 



T: (+353) 51 874445      

F: (+353) 51 874040